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The Rules of THUNEE    
Four-Player Thunee

A single team member from each team will be nominated to manage the scorecards. This person cannot be changed during the game. Should the Scorekeeper(s) not reflect the correct score prior to the dealing pack being cut, the team will forfeit the points allocated during the previous round.

The values for the cards are as follows:
Ace 11 points, King 3 points, Queen 2 points , Jack 30 points, Ten 10 points and Nine is valued at 20 points.

A nominated person from the team named called out first will shuffle the cards and offer the oppostion on his left the opportunity to cut the cards. He will then deal the cards face up, one card to each player at a time starting from his right. The first person receiving a Jack will start dealing and the opposite side will trump.

The Dealer must always offer the oppostion to his left the opportunity to cut the pack. One cannot centre cut or count the number of cards prior to cutting. The opposition may decline to cut with no recourse.

The deal is always to the right. The player receiving the first hand becomes the trump man.
The trump card is placed face down upon being chosen to be revealed by opening the card once the opposition teams first card has been dealt. Trump cards cannot be held with your other cards prior to being revealed.

You will be required to trump on the first four cards you receive. If these cards are each of a different suite the trumpman has the option of calling last card trump. The last card is the last physical card dealt. The trump should be placed face down on the table. He will disclose this trump card to the rest of the players once the first card is played.
If the trumpman's first four cards does not exceed 10 in value he has the option to ask for a re-deal.

The trumpman is not allowed to ask the opposition to choose a card by choice or any other method. If while dealing a card is accidentally flipped over it is compulsory that there is a re-deal. If a player plays out of turn four points will be awarded to the opposition.

Bidding (or calling as it is commonly known) is done when the players have four cards each and is started by the opposing team in multiples of 10. Should both players from the team call out a bid at the same time, the bid is escalated to the next multiple of 10 and the dealer will allocate who from the opposing team will call trump which must be placed on the table by the player concern. The maximum bid is a 100 and the player with the highest bid will keep trump. The opposing team may call 104.Should the team counting win the game,then they will be allowed to open 2 points on their scorecard. The bidding process can be halted if a player calls Thunee. The trumpman has the first right to call thunee.

The player who calls thunee must win all hands with the first card played in that game becoming the trump. The player calling thunee must win all hands and must not be caught by the opposition or their partner. Should the player who called thunee be caught by the opposing team, then the winning team is allowed to open 4 points. Should the player who called thunee be caught by his partner, then the winning team is allowed to open 6 points.

If the a team during the game is caught committing an offence e.g. using sign lanuage, etc, then the team is automatically disqualified and loses the round. incurring a 4 points penalty.

A player can call Jodhi after that team win's it's first or third hand prior to the first card of the next hand is played and the suite may not be revealed during the call. A Jodhi cannot be called in any other hand. The opposition team to the Jodhi, if counting, will have to meet those points called above the normal 105 points required to win the match. The same amount of points called is docked from the 105 points, if the counting side calls. Should there be more than one player calling Jodhi, then the difference, if any is applied. 10 points is given to the team claiming the last hand. Jodee points system with the cards being of same colour will be as follows:
Jack, Queen, King will be valued at 30 points and 50 points if it is the trump suite. King and Queen will be valued at 20 points and 40 if it is the trump suite. An incorrect or fraudulent call will result in the opposition receiving 4 points.

A khanuck can be called by the player taking the last hand. The team calling jodhi must have called jodee during the game and the final point tally of the opposition must be less than the jodee called + 10 points for the last hand less any jodee called by the counting team. The points system for the khanuck points system is as follows:
The winner adds three points to their score. An incorrect call incurs a 4 points penalty

A double is called when the player takes the final hand and the opposition has none. The call for the double must be made by the player playing the first card in the last hand prior to placing the card on the table.
The points system for the double is as follows: The team winning claims two points and the team claiming an incorrect call will claim 4 points.

The Balling (or scoring) comprises of 12 points. A thunee can be called at anytime. Khanuck can be called at any time. A double can be called at anytime. There is no such thing as thirteen ball. As soon as the team dealing wins a game the deal will rotate to the next team. The team dealing will not have to catch up the score of the opposition before the deal rotates.

The team that reaches the required points first is declared the winner.

If the trump man receives all six cards of the same suite there will be no game a re-deal will have to occur.

A player may not call thunee if he has all six cards of the same suite.

Two-Player Thunee
These rules are yet to be finalised

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